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The World Moves Fast

Today’s economy is an economy of speed. Today’s customers expect it, and the companies that deliver speed are the companies that win.

In today’s ever-changing environment of technology and innovations, IMI provides and maintains state-of-the-art design capabilities combined with the latest in cutting-edge technology, to provide the highest level of quality and service in all of its products and designs.

Solutions for Industry-Defining Businesses

We’re a manufacturing company with an engineering spirit. In 1999, three brothers started Innovative Machine in a garage for a single manufacturing purpose. We created the ability to apply a label on a package with air, and within tight tolerances. With non-contact application, companies can apply labels with exponentially higher speed.

International parcel-post and high-speed distribution centers choose to define their industries. They choose to use IMI’s solutions in the economy of speed.

We’re part of a bigger picture that pushes industries further, faster through increased efficiency, automation, and logistical excellence.

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