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Ctrl PCB Assembly - Opposite View + RS 3

Key Title of the Product Part ID Coupa Unit Price QTY / Product
Part List
28 Pan Head Screw+SW+WI MD4300822 7187439 $0.52
Key 28
Title of the Product Pan Head Screw+SW+WI
Part ID MD4300822
Coupa 7187439
Unit Price $0.52
Quantity Product
217 Hole Plug P46163000 $3.16
Key 217
Title of the Product Hole Plug
Part ID P46163000
Unit Price $3.16
Quantity Product
246 Drv Pcb Br P53546000 $23.08
Key 246
Title of the Product Drv Pcb Br
Part ID P53546000
Unit Price $23.08
Quantity Product
276 Wire Saddle P54478000 $1.91
Key 276
Title of the Product Wire Saddle
Part ID P54478000
Unit Price $1.91
Quantity Product
343 Main Pcb S84-Ex/S86-Ex R38583300 7186623 $978.08
Key 343
Title of the Product Main Pcb S84-Ex/S86-Ex
Part ID R38583300
Coupa 7186623
Unit Price $978.08
Quantity Product
344 S84-Drv Pcb Assy-Lf R28423001 7121266 $151.37
Key 344
Title of the Product S84-Drv Pcb Assy-Lf
Part ID R28423001
Coupa 7121266
Unit Price $151.37
Quantity Product
345 Close Cover C Set R28566001 $51.54
Key 345
Title of the Product Close Cover C Set
Part ID R28566001
Unit Price $51.54
Quantity Product
355 S84-Head Up Cable Set-Lf R28713000 $15.63
Key 355
Title of the Product S84-Head Up Cable Set-Lf
Part ID R28713000
Unit Price $15.63
Quantity Product

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